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A lovely photo from a member...

This photo was taken by our member, Shutterbugmom!


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Thoughts for the week of June 12

Step 1:You can be preserved even through death!

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Morning Devotional...

Psalm 16:1. “Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.”

David asks in this psalm for the critically needed help of His God. But, like David, our Lord Jesus Christ also faced a critical need at the time of His approaching Cross, Judgement, and the tomb. With those aweful things in mind, you’ll remember that our Lord said to His Father, “If it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours be done.” It’s a similar prayer to that of David..

Our Lord expressed His hope that His “flesh also will rest in hope - for You will not leave my soul in sheol, nor will You allow Your holy One to see corruption. You will show Me the path of life.” His Father did indeed “show Him the path of life” through Resurrection and Ascension.

Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? If so, then His continuing life is your assurance of preservatlion through the trials in your life and even through death itself. Let David’s words, therefore, be yours each day of your life and say to Him, “Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust.” He hasn’t changed.
!Al Moak

A Shelter In the Time of Storm
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You have been a shelter from the storm.
Isaiah 25:4

Words: Vernon J. Charlesworth, circa 1880.

Music: Ira D. Sankey, circa 1885

The Lord's our Rock, in Him we hide,
A Shelter in the time of storm;
Secure whatever ill betide,
A Shelter in the time of storm.

Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land,
A weary land, a weary land;
Oh, Jesus is a Rock in a weary land,
A Shelter in the time of storm.

A shade by day, defense by night,
A Shelter in the time of storm;
No fears alarm, no foes afright,
A Shelter in the time of storm.


The raging storms may round us beat,
A Shelter in the time of storm
We'll never leave our safe retreat,
A Shelter in the time of storm.


O Rock divine, O Refuge dear,
A Shelter in the time of storm;
Be Thou our Helper ever near,
A Shelter in the time of storm.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


One of the members of Christian Photographers, Kevin, is living in Japan and is a pastor over there.

He's originally from Louisiana in the USA.

On his blog, he's posted some lovely photos of sparrows. I'd appreciate it if you went to see them and left a comment.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"Be Still and Know That I am God"

On our forum area, this lovely verse was posted by one of our member's. She created it from one of the photographs she took.


by shutterbugmom

(Click to see larger)

Shutterbugmom says, "You may be interested to know this little guy was perched on this rock just below me on the canyon rim. He had a fantastic view!"

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Muddy Sneakers' Blog

What a great blog is being created on Muddy_Sneakers' blog. I can't stand snakes but she's getting me to at least look at them.

Hope you all have a look at her blog here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Walking in the Old Paths~Angels

From time to time, I will share on here some of my late husband's writings that he did for me to share on the internet.

Jeremiah 6:16
By the late Jack Scott

1. Angels

Angels, Angels, Angels. The ubiquitous angel. We find them in the Avon catalogue, in the jewellery shop window, and on the covers of glossy and not so glossy magazines. People claim to talk to angels, receive messages from angels and have angel companions. Many of those who pay great attention to the angelic hosts, oddly enough have little time for the Creator of angels or for His precious Word.

The reality of angels is not to be doubted. There are frequent references to them in the Bible. In fact, if you are interested in numbers, angels are mentioned 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. The writer to the Hebrews reminds Christians that "Ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels." [/b](Hebrews 12:22).

Yes, indeed there are angels, but how did they come into existence, what is their function and what is their relationship to the Eternal Son of God?

David, King of Israel reminds us in Psalm 148 that God created all things in heaven and on earth. Verses 2 and 5 read as follows, "Praise ye Him, all His angels: praise ye Him all His hosts. Let them praise the name of the Lord; for He commanded and they were created."

Paul the Apostle assures us in Colossians 1 that this one who created all that "IS" was the Son of God. "For by Him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in earth visible and invisible".[/b] (For the context, it is suggested that Colossians 1:12-19 be read).

These heavenly created beings have many tasks to perform, ranging from chanting the praises of the triune God to executing judgment on fallen angels and those among humankind who reject the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ. ?One of their principle activities is to minister to God?s people. "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation?"[/b] (Hebrews 1:14)

Some people have tried to teach that Jesus Christ is an angelic being, the first created being and therefore the chief angel. Nothing could be further from the truth. The book of Hebrews in the New Testament (Hebrews 1:5-14) makes it very, very clear that while angels are created beings, the Son of God is the King Eternal uncreated and without beginning.

It is this same Jesus who became a man, lived a sinless life and has become the sacrifice for sin for all who will believe in Him. "Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God." (Romans 3:25)

Just a word of warning: not all angels are good. There are fallen angels too. These are enemies of God and of the souls of humans. Those who feel that they receive guidance from angels need to be very careful. Should anyone, human or angelic point you to any other source other than Christ for salvation or direct you to take actions condemned in the word of God, flee from that being and turn quickly to Jesus Christ the Saviour of men.

"I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel which is not another: but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed." [/b](Galatians 2:6-9 New King James).

Jack Scott loved his Lord! He passed away on January 10, 2001 after a lengthy illness.
He is missed greatly by his family.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

As the Deer Panteth...

As the Deer Panteth for the Water
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Written by Martin Nystrom

Psalm 42:1
"As the hart panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God."

As the deer panteth for the water,
So my soul longs after you.
You alone are my hearts desire,
And I long to worship You.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

I want you more than gold or silver,
Only You can satisfy.
You alone are the real joy giver
And the apple of my eye.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

You're my friend and You're my brother,
Even though you are a King.
I love You more than any other
So much more than anything.

You alone are my strength, my shield;
To You alone may my spirit yield.
You alone are my hearts desire,
and I long to worship You.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

InspiredGal's Photo


Colourful Mushroom

by InspiredGal

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Niagara Falls as seen from the top of the Skylon Tower a photo by Pat Scott.

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Welcome to Christian Photographers!

We'd love to welcome you all to our blog that is associated with our website entitled, Christian Photographers.

We have many members from around the globe who post in our forums and upload photos to the Gallery area of the site.

The Purpose of Christian Photographers is as follows:

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  • To share tips and techniques for taking better photographs.

  • To enjoy fellowship with believers in all countries.

Heaven is my throne, and earth is my footstool:
what house will ye build me? saith the Lord:
or what is the place of my rest?
Hath not my hand made all these things?

Acts 7:49-50